My Hubby My Destiny

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I had a plan for my life and I was working my butt off to achieve my goals. But things don’t always go according to my plan, and I’m happy God’s plan was bigger and better!

Alex is my destiny. The way the stars aligned to bring us together can’t be denied. The process started years ago, long before we ever knew of each other’s existence. We were on completely different paths, and then one day in 2016 our paths finally crossed. It was fate.

I’ll never forget our first date. After dinner we went back to my apartment and sat and talked for hours. We had only had one conversation before our date, so I had no idea what to expect, but by the end of the night, I knew something was there. The memory of Alex walking out my door and turning right on the sidewalk will be etched in my memory forever. It was in that moment that I knew he was the one. He was my forever. And I wasn’t ready for it.

Over the next couple of weeks, I found myself grinning like a teenage girl when her crush talks to her every time Alex sent me a text. It drove me crazy that my face reacted that way because inside I was trying to fight my feelings for him. Alex was everything I had ever wanted, and that terrified me. He was a grownup, and I wasn’t used to dating grownups. I knew with him everything would be different. He went out of his way to show me he cared about me and every time I told him I wasn’t ready for a committed relationship, he said the way I look at him said otherwise. And he was right. The feelings were there but inside I felt so conflicted.

My gut was telling me to run and have some fun before I settle down, but my heart was telling me that this man is THE ONE and I better not let him go. The more I tried to fight my feelings for Alex, the more I fell for him. He’s the most charismatic, charming, confident man I have ever met.  And the stars had aligned perfectly to bring us together.

Our relationship became special in a very short time. And six weeks after our first date, Alex proposed. Everyone thought we were bat shit crazy, but we didn’t care. We knew how we felt and we just went with that. We have made God the center of our marriage and He continues to bless us daily.

Shane is our biggest blessing. He is a product of true love and he brings us more joy than we ever thought possible. With Shane and Alex, I feel complete. I am the best version of me because of their love.

Alex and I talk often about the ironies of our fateful meeting and it always makes me smile. To hear him tell the story of how he felt the first time he laid eyes on me is magical.

I thank God every day for the path he put me on that led to Alex. He is my hubby. He is my destiny.

Sharing is caring!

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