IKEA Farmhouse Style

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IKEA is known for their sturdy, put it together yourself, affordable furniture. But did you know they have a lot of great options that tie perfectly into farmhouse style? I love decorating on a budget, and IKEA makes it easy to stick with my beloved farmhouse style without breaking the bank!

The Ektorp sofa and chair come in a range of color options. The slipcovers are removable for easy cleaning, which is great if you have kids or pets! The line is rumored to be discontinued this fall, so get it while you can for a hefty discount! I have heard they are replacing the line with something similar, so I’m excited to see what that is when it’s released!

This little bench can serve multiple purposes! Place it in an entryway and top it with throw pillows! Stack shoes underneath and hang hooks above and you have the perfect little seat to get ready to head out the door! It would also be great at the end of a bed topped with throw pillows or used as seating at a long dining table!

Speaking of dining tables, my two favorite farmhouse options from IKEA are the Morbylanga table and the Mockelby table. Both seat up to 8 people! For these two tables I would place three chairs on each side and leave the ends open until you need extra seating for visitors. My favorite chair options to pair with these tables are the Henriksdal chair with long cover, the Ingolf chair , and the Norraryd chair.

Adding to the dining room decor, you could easily use the Lommarp tv unit as a buffet! It boasts gold hardware that is both chic and functional! If you prefer something a little taller as you sideboard, the Lommarp cabinet stands 39.75 inches tall and has closed shelving for storing extra place settings!

Stained tops with painted bases are all the farmhouse rage, and the Hemnes tv unit has been updated to include this color combo! The light stain on top and white painted base will keep your living room feeling light and open while adding a touch of farmhouse flair!

Let’s move to the bedroom…dressers can be expensive, especially when you’re looking for drawers that open and close easily. The Hemnes dresser with white stain offers straight edges and a farmhouse vibe. You could easily change out the hardware to give it a more distressed look!

Let’s talk accessories! Who doesn’t love a vase filled with flowers as a table centerpiece? This pitcher and watering can make great vases and they have that whimsical farmhouse feel to them! The pitcher comes in two sizes, 6 inches and 8.75 inches.

A hanging planter filled with greenery adds life to your kitchen! This planter is made to be stackable so you can add tiers! You can fill it with greenery or fruits and veggies!

Not pictured above but worth mentioning are the colander and lazy susan. The colander could be used as just that, or it would look beautiful on a countertop filled with lemons and limes! The lazy susan is also a great accessory for a counter, island, or dining table! You can top it with functional items or one of the vases and a candle!

If you’re on a budget and wanting to spruce up your home and add farmhouse flair, don’t overlook IKEA!

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