Farmhouse Laundry Makeover

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Adding farmhouse flair to your outdated laundry room doesn’t have to break the bank! I have added some farmhouse staples that are sure to give your laundry room the makeover you’ve dreamed of, on a budget!

Shiplap on the wall behind the washer and dryer has become one of my favorite trends! It’s an inexpensive way to give your room a facelift! Lowe’s offers several different shiplap options! I prefer the smaller planks for a small laundry room, but you could easily buy larger planks if that’s what you prefer! And while you’re at Lowe’s, don’t forget to pick up some boards and stain for easy shelving! You can buy the brackets there as well, but I prefer these from Amazon for a farmhouse style!

Once you have the shiplap wall and shelving in place, it’s time to add some accessories! These glass jars from Target are perfect for storing detergent pods or powdered detergent for a sleek look. Add some baskets for hiding other items and your laundry room will become a place you enjoy to be rather than an unsightly mess!

Last, but certainly not least, is to add a sign, because no laundry room makeover is complete without a chic farmhouse laundry sign! There are several on the market, but this one from my very own Etsy store happens to be my favorite!

Depending on the size of your laundry room, you could easily update to a farmhouse style room you love for just a few hundred dollars! For more inspiration, check out my Instagram!

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